All Ketubah Prints are Personalized! Plus FREE Shipping
All Ketubah Prints are Personalized! Plus FREE Shipping
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Two trees intertwined their branches together in most elegant way.
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Ketubah Signature Ceremony
Tree of Life
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Tree of Life

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The Tree of Life, or Etz haChayim (עץ החיים) in Hebrew, is a mystical symbol used in the Kabbalah of esoteric Judaism to describe the path to G-d.
This mystical concept was also adopted by some esoterically inclined Christians.
Kabbalists believe the Tree of Life to be a diagrammatic representation of the process by which the Universe came into being. On the Tree of Life, the beginning of the Universe is placed at a space above the first Sephirah, named Kether (“crown” in English).

These two beautiful trees share their branches together in a very gentle way. The trees embrace the beautiful wedding vow text on this elegant beautiful ketubah.
A gold border with blue ribbon trim gives a great balance to the other colors on this ketubah. The artist paint two flying doves after print out is made, in order to give the Ketubah the look and feel of a handmade ketubah. Also, additional brush marks with gold, blue, brown, and green colors are enhanced added throughout the design.

*  Enhanced - Hand Brush Marks on Prints.

  • Highest quality giclee print on archival acid free non-toxic best quality watercolor paper.


 All texts are personalized. Therefore, you should fill out the customization form and choose your text in order to proceed with your order.

The meaning of personalization of the text is that there are no gaps between the lines, all the information about the groom, bride, parents names and dates in Hebrew and English or any other language- is included).

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