All Ketubah Prints are Personalized! Plus FREE Shipping
All Ketubah Prints are Personalized! Plus FREE Shipping
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Seth B.

My wife and I worked with Orna to create a true one-of-a-kind Ketubah. The end result is spectacular, something our children will surely enjoy for a lifetime. We incorporated some personal photographs, changing the design time and time again. Still, Orna stuck with us; she never seemed disturbed by our need for “perfection.” In fact, she appeared to enjoy the attention to detail. Unquestionably, Orna is an artist. For anyone searching for an artistic and unique Ketubah, Orna is your destination. Look no further.



Brian L.

I don’t know how to thank you for this but you basically saved our wedding. We called orna at 6pm the Thursday before our wedding this coming weekend because our ketubah we ordered online was delayed and she helped get us a rush ordered one overnight. I’m so happy and wish you the best! Will recommend to anyone looking for a ketubah.



Robin A.

Orna is a delight to work with. She is great at communicating. Our Ketubah design is beautiful and was customized to include everything that we wanted.
Orna delivered a beautiful Ketubah on time. I would highly recommend My Ketubah Art Studios.



Aleta C.


I reached out to Orna about a month before our wedding ceremony for her help in creating a customized ketubah with hand-written calligraphy. Although she was in the middle of a move, she invited me over for a design session and completed the ketubah in time for the wedding. She created a beautiful concept out of the general themes and elements my husband and I requested, which included inspiration from 14th/15th-century ketubahs we had seen online as well as incorporating the local Northern California landscape. Orna is a stickler for detail, and will work with your Rabbi to ensure complete textual accuracy in English and Hebrew. She can also help you work through your ketubah text if you are still iterating. Her calligraphy is beautiful, and it feels so special to have a unique piece of art and handwritten vows to commemorate the wedding. We are so excited to hang this up in our home! Finally, I will add that Orna is incredibly warm, friendly, fast at communicating, and an absolute joy to work with on such a personal project.



Terry P.


Orna is, in a word, spectacular! We couldn’t have been happier with our Ketubah. On a Sunday afternoon, Orna joyfully accommodated us in her studio without advanced notice of our dropping by (pro tip: call to make an appointment). Her commissioned art pieces are truly amazing – but we were on a short timeline so asked if she could turn one of her previous creations into a print. She got back to us within a few hours to let us know we were good to go. When we sent her the text (after having incorporated some of the beautiful verbiage she shared with us), she enlarged the design to accommodate several additional sentences. She even changed the inscription along the border when I took the time to read the Hebrew and realized we wanted something different (did I mention this was a print!). 
When we went to pick up the Ketubah, the price was very reasonable and Orna even provides a protective cover and pens. On top of being very accommodating, it was really fun to work with Orna. You can’t go wrong with Orna.


Samantha A.


It has been a year since we hired Orna to make our wonderful ketubah.

For all of the expenses involved in a wedding, making our ketubah a priority is one decision that I’m so thankful we had made. Sadly, right before our wedding, my mother-in-law became terminally ill and our wedding plans were changed. Orna was wonderful to work with, even through this time and was able to make all the necessary changes to the dates and locations on our ketubah. Being able to write out our own text was extremely important to me. Sadly, I do not think many people have lost the significance of meaning in the ketubah text. As I was raised in a Christian faith and converted to Judaism, I wanted our ketubah to reflect our relationship and our marriage, almost akin to writing personal marriage vows. I am so glad we made the decision to hire Orna. Our ketubah is a piece of art which we now proudly display in our home for everyone to see and it is a beautiful reminder of where our marriage started and the promises we made to each other at the very beginning.


Alex T.
San Francisco, CA


Orna was not only a real joy to work with on our ketubah, but her work is stunning. We look are our beautiful ketubah she made for us with so much happiness, not only for its inherent beauty, but because it was such a loving process.

When we were researching someone to make our ketubah, we found Orna, on Yelp, and it turned out she was only about a mile from our apartment. I called and we set up a meeting that week. Her studio was great. Clearly a real art studio with projects in various stages of completion. Super cool to get to see the process. We spent some time together discussing elements that we wanted to see, and she provided great insight into what would work beautifully, as well as some other suggestions we hadn’t thought of, but then decided we needed in ours.

She was preparing to leave the country for some personal time but promised it would be done when we needed it. She did not disappoint. She had it ready for us right when she said it would.

It’s really refreshing to work with someone who is incredible at their work in addition to having excellent customer service. She made sure to check with our Rabbi directly to make sure everything was *kosher* with the document, and provided helpful tips on framing (and a referral for it), as well as the correct pen to use and a sample sheet of vellum to practice signatures on.

I would absolutely recommend Orna to anyone. She is THE BEST.



Naomi L.
The Roads, Miami, FL

If you are looking for a piece of artwork for your ketubah this is your place for you!

Me and my husband had an amazing experience with Orna! We found one of the ketubahs online that we loved! But we also wanted something custom made. We wanted what we saw online but to change it a bit and make it our own. We simply had phone conversations about what we envisioned. I really left a lot up to Orna. I felt as if she understood what we wanted and I trusted her to just go with it. We wanted some personalization on our ketubah. We wanted 2 symbols representing our names somewhere on our ketubah. So after seeing what we wanted online, having a conversation and explaining more what we want (like the symbols) we left it up to her. So we didn’t know 100% what it would look like. We didn’t know every detail but we had an idea and I just trusted her.

The day we saw our ketubah I was BLOWN AWAY, we absolutely LOVE our ketubah!!!!!!!!!!! I feel as if we invested in the most important document in our life by making it artwork. It feels classic and authentic. I would recommend working with Orna any day. She was lovely and organized. If you are considering her work simply email her and start the conversation. She is a true artist and overall had an amazing experience.


Email From: Michael G.

Subject: A Wonder to Behold

 Date: May 20, 2014 at 6:58:45 PM PDT

To: Orna Weisberg <>

 Dearest Orna,

 The Ketubah arrived safely yesterday.  We waited to open it until today.

 Both Susan and I started weeping with joy and with love the instant we saw your work.

 We will cherish both this record of our marriage and the memory of working with you.  It is as if you channeled our spirits and sent them back to us inked on velum.

 We are deeply grateful that you are part of our experience forevah!

 Yishar Koch’cha!

 B’Vracha u’ V’Shalom.

With love,

All the best,

Michael G



Ashley M.
Omaha, NE
Like many others, we found Orna online. We were absolutely blown away by her customer service, her attention to detail, and her beautiful artistry. Our ketubah ended up having exactly what we wanted, and it turned out even more beautiful than we could have imagined. I highly recommend Orna to anyone who wants a custom-made ketubah.



From: Jennifer C.
Subject: Ketubah’s received!
Date: April 16, 2013 5:20:01 PM PDT

Hi Orna,

We received all three Ketubahs!  I wanted to write you and say Thank You so much for creating this Ketubah for us.  I really appreciate all your hard work and it is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!! We are so excited and just so happy to have this Ketubah for our wedding and in our lives forever. 

Thanks again… I am referring you to all my friends!!!!





From: Lia A.
Date: April 2, 2013

Dear Orna,

Just to say, thank so much for our gorgeous Ketubah. It’s the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen. And thank you so much for the pen as well. We will be thinking of all the dedication and hard work you put into this creation for us and hope that leads us into the spirit of our marriage.

All the best,



From: Samantha M.
Subject: WE LOVE IT!
Date: April 1, 2013

Hi Orna, 

Jonathan and I received the Ketubah today and we are absolutely in love with it! It is unbelievable and better than we could have ever pictured. Thank you so much for truly understanding what we wanted and making it a reality. It will surely be treasured and displayed in our home forever. It was wonderful working with you. We will send your name along to everyone we know! 

Thank you again. 

Samantha and Jonathan


Samantha M.
West Palm Beach, FL
My fiance and I found Orna’s website online and we could not be happier that we did! She created the most amazing ketubah for us to cherish for the rest of our lives together. She listened to our vision and worked with us every step of the way! She did not disappoint and I am sure anyone will be pleased with the work that she creates!



Brian O.
San Francisco, CA
My fiance and I found Orna online, and we couldn’t be happier with our experience! Her personality, professionalism, and artistry are unparalleled. The Ketubah she made for us went above and beyond our highest expectations. Even though we were working under a limited timeline, the Ketubah was done with plenty of time to spare. I will recommend Orna without hesitation to anyone who is looking for beautiful Ketubah.



Larkin P.
San Francisco, CA
Orna is absolutely a pleasure to work with. From the moment we walked in, to the artwork reviews, the whole process was without stress. Orna’s work is incredibly intricate and her attention to detail is remarkable.
We have recommended Orna and her work to all of our engaged friends – its hard to find something so personal and special – something which will be with us the rest our lives.



Stephen B.
Castro, San Francisco, CA
When planning a wedding, some vendors will disappoint you, some will perform as advertised and some will go so far beyond what was expected and you will recommend them. Orna at My Ketubah Art Studios is that one vendor who was amazing.
My wife and I were struggling to find a unique Ketubah that represented us. We wanted something classic but not boring and many Ketubah’s we saw were either terribly plain or overly ornamental. It was May 25th and our wedding was July 2nd, needless to say we were running out of time. We spoke with over 10 Ketubah makers and each told us there was a minimum 8 weeks needed for even a basic design or 5 weeks for a printed Ketubah.
Thankfully we did not give up and contacted Orna on May 29th. Her first response was “sure I can do that”. She invited us over to her house in the Sunset where we discussed different designs and options. Her demeanor was easy going, thoughtful and most of all – reassuring that she could get the job done and done well. We were comforted to know that three of our friends had used her for their Ketubahs.
We settled on a classic elegant design of hand scribed Aramaic on goat parchment using kosher ink – very much like a Torah would be written. We liked the authenticity of the design, simple and elegant. While this seems simple you need someone who can write Hebrew flawlessly as any smearing or missed letters and you would have to start from scratch. We loved this idea but Orna worked with us to make it even a better. We had seen some nice paper cut Ketubahs and showed her one of the ones we were considering but that would not be ready in time for the wedding. She came up with the idea to hand paper cut the goat parchment with a knife scribing the Hebrew words any saying we wanted. Then behind the back of the Ketubah she would place a gold colored backing so that the letters would shine through. Simply gorgeous idea but one fraught with risk – if she messed up one letter, she would have to start over. Since we didn’t have tons of time, we were nervous but Orna worked to reassure us.
Then came the time to negotiate price. Clearly she knew we were desperate with basically no other options. She offered a very fair price for the work. Having now seen how gorgeous our Ketubah is, she literally could charge 2x and it would sell.
We still worried about the timing as she needed to confirm our Hebrew names and proofread the document before she hand scribed it. Each time we interacted with her over email, she was wonderful and continued not to make us more stressed. Then the moment of truth came when my wife went to pick up the Ketubah. Two words – simply stunning. Elegant, classy and exactly the look and feel we wanted.
So without hesitation, please go see Orna. She has a brilliant eye, kind, warm and her Ketubah’s are one of a kind.



Erica L.
San Francisco, CA
I’m finally getting a chance to write a review for the lovely Orna, who made our fabulously beautiful ketubah for our April wedding. I looked around at a lot of different sources, and just didn’t want to get print from an artist in another state online or from a shop here in the city. Somehow I landed on Orna’s website, and I loved her aesthetic, loved that she’s local, and loved that we had a great connection. It was an easy decision from there and I still just love the ketubah. We got so many compliments on it at the wedding. And I know I’m going love looking at it for years to come! Thank you, Orna, for the special addition to our wedding!



Inna S.
Southeast, Denver, CO
Orna created the most beautiful Ketubah for us! She spent a lot of time making sure that she gave us all our options to create the most perfect Ketubah customized just for us! She was very diligent and responsive through the entire process, and even contacted our rabbi to ensure that he approves our ideas as well. The Ketubah is more than we ever dreamed of! Thank you, Orna!!



Sara M. ‎ 5/22/2012

I had the pure good luck of finding Orna’s website while looking for Ketubah artists in the US. My fiance and I had gone to Israel last summer and found an artist who made the most beautiful artwork, but a few months later when we contacted him to commission a Ketubah, we were supremely disappointed to learn that he would not make a reformed Ketubah. Our disappointment was only compounded when we visited sites like…they all seemed so uninspired. A few google searches later, our luck changed when we found Orna. The first thing that impressed me was how responsive she was…I always heard back from her immediately. Then she said that she would take the designs and colors that we love (think almost Indian inspired colors and designs) and made it into something really special. To top it all off, she carefully translated our self-written Ketubah into Hebrew and worked with our Rabbi directly to ensure accuracy. I could not have asked for someone easier, sweeter, or more talented to work with on such an important part of our wedding and marriage. We can’t wait to hang our new art in our apartment….it will certainly be the topic of many conversations. Clearly, everything works out the way it’s supposed to. Thank you Orna!!


From: Sara Michelson
Subject: Thank you!
Date: May 21, 2012 11:52:05 AM PDT
To: Orna Weisberg

Hi Orna,
We received our Ketubah in the mail last week and we absolutely love it!! Thank you so much for your patience; it’s more beautiful than we ever could have dreamed and I’m so excited to have it hanging in our house for many years to come.
Kind regards,


Nancy L.
San Francisco, CA
Orna was delightful and knowledgeable. We loved working with her to create a custom Ketubah for our wedding. She exceeded our expectations and created a breathtaking piece that included all of our ideas and more in an artistic and romantic way. I agree with all the other reviewers. If you are looking for a unique ketubah for your life together, Orna is your artist. We loved being able to work with a local artist.



From: Doron Wesly 

Subject: toda raba! thank you! khamsamnida! danke! dank je! merci!

Date: March 26, 2012 7:54:24 PM PDT
To:  Orna Weisberg <>, Amy choyne

Dearest Orna,

Words cannot describe how Amy and I felt when we rolled our ketubah open on the dining room table tonight. WOW! You have created something so delightful, so loving, so beautiful and so us!
Thank you so very much for the best gift we could have ever wished for. Thank you for making time, thank you for your patience, thank you for your friendship and love.
Amy & Doron



Erin G.
San Francisco, CA
I highly recommend working with Orna to create a beautiful ketubah that reflects your union. Orna was always professional, her work is beautiful, and her kindness overflowing. She is also affordable. Working with Orna was one of the most enjoyable parts of the wedding planning.



Mort B.
San Francisco, CA
Orna created a beautiful ketubah for us that is customized to our ceremony, where we are from, and who we are as a couple. Throughout the process she was friendly, responsive, and incredibly on top of everything. Back up proof reader? Already had one. Can’t frame it on time for the wedding? No worries here’s a temporary frame. All info packaged neatly, and here’s the special pen to use when you sign it on the day of your wedding. 

On top of her professionalism, her uber-skills as an artist, the pride she takes in her work, and the smooth process she has developed, she was warm, energetic, and also open-minded and accepting of our non-traditional Jewish identity.
Throughout the process of planning our wedding, we have worked with lots of different people. Orna was the absolute best. No stress, just the opposite, she made us feel even more excited for our ceremony. 

I just can’t say enough about her and her work. Look no farther.


Sahar M.
Los Angeles, CA
I found Orna on the internet and was impressed by her ketubbahs. I contacted her and she got back to me right away. When I decided to work with her, I had some concerns regarding communication since I live in a diferrent city and don’t have the luxury of stopping by and meeting her in her in person. She always responded to questions, calls, emails, and facebook messages within a few hours. She was professional and very pleasant to work with. Unlike several other vendors, She was not manipulative of my situation. She was willing to work with my budget and completed this work of art within one month.
I described the vision I had in mind and Orna was clearly capable of capturing the essence of what I described to her. When the ketubbah arrived, it was beautifully and carefully wrapped to minimized damage. The Ketubbah has beautiful flowers that are almost 3 dimensional. The parchment does not absorb the ink and the ink ends up becoming elevated on the parchment.
Overall, I really love my ketubbah and enjoyed working with Orna. After the wedding was over, the flowers, linens, and leftover food, were all trashed. Besides the pictures, I will be able to hold on to this ketubbah and hopefully keep it in my family for years to come. I definitely consider this commissioned art worth the price I paid for it.


Email: On Aug 18, 2011, at 9:15 PM, Flora R. wrote:
Hi Orna,
Our ketubah is absolutely beautiful. Ben had this beautiful backing that almost looks like stone and he cut a piece of plexiglass himself and clipped it to the Ketubah. It is ready to sign and to display.
The swans are so beautiful and just right. The gold ribbon dancing among the words, the way you included the adventure poem, the beautiful calligraphy, all of it is just so beautiful.  We love it.
Thank you so very much for your impeccable and warm assistance.
We know you took care of us and gave us a special price and we want you to know is deeply deeply appreciated.
I will try to send you some pictures after the wedding. Feel free to get in touch with me anytime, especially if you ever visit New Orleans.


Email: On Jul 12, 2011, at 3:23 PM, Alice H. wrote:
The ketubah is so beautiful!! Thank you so very much for working with us to design such a special piece of art for our marriage. We are going to brag about you to everyone we know!


Dave G.
I had done extensive research to find what I envisioned for my ketubah, which I knew I was going to display in my home. About 95% of the websites and stores I visited had the same pre-printed designs. I wanted an original. I stumbled onto Ns Weisberg’s website and read about who she is and what her company offers, then I sent her a note. She responded quickly. At first I was concerned about not being able to see the finished product before paying- she is in California and I live in NYC- but after a phone call with her, I ca$e to the realization that I was dealing with a gifted professional who stands behind her work. Ms. Weisberg was an absolute pleasure to do business with. Within 3 weeks time (as promised), she gave me a work of art that my wife and I will treasure forever and proudly display in our home. We highly recommend her, without reservation!! Thank you, Orna!! Lori & Dave G.



Dan P.
Albany, CA
When Robyn and I got married last fall, we unveiled our beautiful ketubah by Orna. She not only exceeded our expectations, she improved on our vision for the document. We wanted to make sure our English vows were properly translated into Hebrew, that artwork we had made could fit into the document and that the overall look would be simple and elegant.

Orna, with her truly exquisite calligraphy, did all of the above, and a very reasonable price, and delivered on time. Our ketubah now hangs in our living room, and is a daily reminder not only of our wonderful day but the Jewish foundation to our commitment. Orna’s work had a lot to do with that. I highly recommend her.



Robert H.
Atlanta, GA
Mrs. Weisberg created a stunning Ketuba for our wedding; a one-of-a-kind work of art, produced on kosher parchment, that we will treasure always. We recommend her in the highest possible terms.
Jackie & Bobby
Atlanta, Georgia.


Lauren W.
New York, NY
Orna is just amazing. She is talented, kind, and just a rare treasure. We met with her only weeks before our wedding, and she was able to create a one-of-a-kind Ketubah for us in no time at all. Her artwork is simply gorgeous. We trusted her completely, and I am so glad we did. Out of all the wedding planning experiences, I can honestly say working with Orna was the best!



Allegra A.
Oakland, CA
My husband and I love our Ketubah and Orna was great to work with. We are not what you would call artistically inclined in any way – but we found an inspirational image online and we contacted Orna with our idea. She worked with us to create a beautiful and unique piece of art that was reflective of our lives and our wedding and also incorporated our ideas. We only had to meet with Orna once and everything else was done online and over the phone. She worked efficiently and communication was frequent and reliable. We highly recommend her work!!!


Camille ‎ – Nov 18, 2010
Orna is amazing. Her work is absolutely beautiful, and she is beyond adorable. My husband and I liked her immediately because of her sweet, yet professional disposition. In our first meeting it was clear that we could trust her to do a beautiful job with our ketuba, and she definitely followed through.


Jake – Nov 14, 2010 Jackob K.
Search no further! It was definitely Orna’s beautiful work that initially drew us to her. When we met her, we were further drawn in by her absolutely adorable personality. Over the process of working with her, we were continually humbled by her flexibility and openness to work with us and our demanding needs. It was a complete pleasure getting to know her and the final product is a beautiful ketubah that we will treasure forever.


On Oct 26, 2010 at 6:49 PM Albert G. wrote:
I was delighted and surprised to see the beautiful artwork that you made.
Your handwriting is commendable as well as your attention to details.
I will not recommend you to anyone I know!
I want to be the only one to have your work.
Very very well done.
Thank you and
Best regards,


Rebecca F.
San Francisco
I knew that I wanted to create my own Ketubah for my wedding as an artist and printmaker but was lacking any calligraphy skills. I contacted several Ketubah artists in the Bay Area to see if they would be willing to collaborate with me on my Ketubah–I planned to print a woodcut border on handmade paper and was looking for a calligrapher to add the text in Aramaic and English. Most of the artists I initially contacted were either unwilling to work with me or unable- as they create Ketubahs digitally using a printer.
When I contacted Orna however, I received a prompt email response that she would be happy to work with me for what I thought was an extremely reasonable price. Some of the other calligraphers I called told me that I would pay at least $1,200 for hand calligraphy which was way above my budget.
Orna generously met with me before I created my print to test her calligraphy ink and nib on my printmaking paper, she even bought me coffee at our meeting and spent an afternoon answering all my questions. We chose the best paper option and then I delivered a print to her to add her calligraphy.
We are so happy with our beautiful Ketubah. Orna’s work is stunning, she uses traditional Kosher ink that creates a slightly glossy and raised text. She is a true artisan and a generous person. During our meeting I saw some examples of Orna’s other work and it was truly beautiful. Five stars for Orna!


Ailene M.
Brooklyn, NY
What an amazing experience from beginning to end. My husband and I cannot overstate Orna’s work, both in terms of her professionalism and her artistic ability to translate our desires into an amazing end-product. We give Orna the highest compliments possible. As the Rabbi was unrolling the Ketubah during our Orthodox wedding ceremony, he commented that our Ketubah was certainly made to be framed! We give this our own rating of 10+ stars. Thank you Orna for making our most important document majestic and magical.


On Sep 1, 2010, at 5:14 AM, LAWRENCE M S wrote:
Thank you Orna!
We deliberately did not open the shipping tube to see it until the moment of the wedding. It is beautiful and the Rabbi loved it as well. Thank you so much for all that you did for our wedding and marriage!
Best, Lawrence



Hallie A.
San Francisco, CA
I couldn’t agree more with the other reviewers. Orna created our Ketubah and it is truly magnificent. She worked with us, and our budget to craft an original Ketubah that reflected our interfaith marriage. She was kind and supportive throughout and I HIGHLY recommend having her create the beautiful document that will symbolize your union.


Great Art Work !!

By Daniel – Aug 22, 2010
Thank you, Orna, for making this AMAZING Ketubah for my daughter Elizabeth and her fiance David Klein! I’ve been searching for someone to hand make the Ketubah for my daughter as a gift for the young couple. Some friend of mine recommended her and I was very impressed by her. As a person and as an artist. Orna made a beautiful traditional artistic Ketubah. Her calligraphy in Hebrew was precised. Everybody loved it. Orna is a great person to work with. And it is a very special piece of art. I strongly recommend her as your hand made ketubah artist!


Ailene A. Posted on Facebook:
This is the most most beautiful ketubah in creation!!!! Orna you are an amazing person and outstanding artist…THANK YOU!!!
August 12, 2010 at 6:47pm



Rebecca K.
Brooklyn, NY
We came across Orna’s work and were immediately drawn to her unique, elegant style and the many gorgeous details in her artwork. From start to finish, working with her was an absolute pleasure. She was generous with her time and had tons of inspiring images and ideas to share with us. She helped us develop our dream Ketubah, one which we will definitely treasure for all our days! We truly felt blessed to have found her and would highly recommend My Ketubah Art Studios.


On Aug 3, 2010, at 11:26 AM, Rebecca F. wrote:
Hope that you are well! The ketubah looks amazing and will be
displayed at our wedding of course!


From: Facebook
Date: June 29, 2010 0:05:36 PDT
To: Ketubah Artist
Subject: Diana D. wrote on your Wall…
Diana posted something on your Wall and wrote:
“Thanks to Rina and Felix Teper and Ketubah Art for the amazingly beautiful ketubah!!!!!!!”